I have a nut, soy, gluten, ______ allergy, can I consume your products?

We have an array of products, please contact Customer Service so we may address the ingredients of your specific product. You will find the ingredients on the back or bottom of the tin/package, also on our website at its product page.

How can I tell the expiration date on a product?

As an example, a candy that has a code of 18070 would indicate that this was made on the 70th day of the year (March 11th) in 2018. The Duff energy drinks have a similar code printed on the bottom of the can (YYDDD) and they have an 18-month shelf life.

All of the other Boston America drinks have a different code on the bottom of the can. An example: C1824BA-R: “C” stands for March (3rd letter of the alphabet and 3rd month), “18” stands for 2018, “24” stands for the 24th day of the month, “BA” is Boston America and “R” is the color of the drink (R - cherry,  B - blue raspberry, or P - bubblegum). In this example, the drink flavor is cherry flavored, and it was produced on March 24, 2018.

Do your products expire?

Our gummy candies and energy drinks have an 18-month shelf life. Tinned candies have a 5-year shelf life. The lip balms do not have an expiration date.

Are your energy drinks safe for children?

No. Boston America Corp. recommends that children and pre-teens should avoid consuming energy drinks due to the high content of caffeine, sugar, B-vitamins and other supplemental herbs such as guarana and taurine which may be harmful to a growing child. We also caution those who are pregnant and individuals who are sensitive to caffeine, sugar and energy supplements.

Are any of your items made in the US?

Yes, our drinks and lip balms are made in the United States.

I have a wedding/birthday party/bar mitzvah etc. and need more than I can find in store, can I directly order in bulk?

Yes, we can help with bulk orders! Contact us for our minimum order to ensure the product amount is available.

Can I order custom tins or drinks?

No. Our company is not suited to produce custom or private label items.

Do you sell product outside of the US?

Yes, Oui, Sí, Ja! Canadian customers can visit our Contact Us page for distribution in Canada. All other countries, please email or contact Customer Service for specific information in your area.