Lalaloopsy Cinnamon Bun Bun Lip Balm

Bun Bun Sticky Icing is a small girl with a big personality - that's a real treat! Each lip balm contains 0.15 oz of lip balm that tastes like a fresh baked cinnamon bun. Packed 12 lip balms per display.

Item Number: 17355
Fun Facts

Fun Facts

  • The first product Boston America sold was a line of novelty night lights back in 1996. 
  • Boston America’s first license was Beavis & Butthead. Products included playing cards, books, a dry-erase board and aftershave.
  • Boston America’s first foray into food products was in the late 1990’s. They developed a line of South Park Cheesy Poofs.
  • Boston America developed and sold a line of licensed Scooby Snacks that were sold extensively throughout the specialty market. When it came time to renew the license, Warner Bros chose to move forward with Keebler rather than Boston America.
  • Boston America decided to enter the tinned candy business after Altoids successfully launched their tinned candy campaign in the late 1990’s.