Boston America was established in 1996, just outside of Boston, MA. Our goal was to create a high-quality line of products that people absolutely had to have the instant they saw them. One of our first products was a line of Beavis & Butthead books and playing cards that sold nationally into the gift, music, and movie rental chains. The product was an instant success. We quickly followed up with a line of creative consumable and trendy gift items featuring licenses such as South Park, Scooby Doo, and Spider-Man. 

about-002Today, Boston America has evolved into a fully-integrated business that creates an innovative line of licensed tinned candies, health and beauty products, energy drinks and bandages. Our products can be found all over the United States in 10,000 stores spanning all avenues of distribution including specialty, drug, mass and grocery. Internationally, our products can be found in Canada and Mexico as well as Latin America, Europe and the South Pacific. 

We are intimately involved in the development of each of our products, overseeing every aspect of their evolution from conceptual drawings, to finished goods. Our creative design, logistics, sales, distribution and fulfillment are all managed right here at our facility in Woburn, MA. Our high standards towards branding, innovation and creativity coupled with our unparalleled knowledge of the market have all contributed to our reputation as the industry leader. 

about-003Our success can be attributed to our aptitude for developing the best products we can possibly create. Our portfolio of licenses and products is always changing as we strive to cater our line to the ever changing tastes of our core customer. Make sure you visit our web site often as we introduce new items to our line on a regular basis. 

We have a super dynamic team of people that pride themselves on delivering fast and friendly customer service. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions that you may have.